#1 Diamonds of the First Water

Sydney Jane Baily

In this Victorian romance by USA Today bestselling author Sydney Jane Baily, an earl’s daughter is caught between the man who wishes to wed her and the one who desires her.

She’s a fun-loving earl’s daughter and he’s a titled stick in the mud!

Firstborn daughter of a prominent family, Lady Clarity Diamond came into the world smiling and has always brightened the lives of everyone around her. This social season, she’s decided to find a husband amongst her flock of suitors. And then her childhood friend appears, tall, handsome, and … as amusing as a box of rocks.

Lord Alex Hollidge’s heart turned to stone, and the laughter died in his eyes the moment he was orphaned. Taking up the mantle of a viscount at a young age, he has known nothing but responsibility and the tragedy of life. Now, it’s time to take a wife. Pity the lovely Lady Clarity is too frivolous to be his viscountess.

With everything—and everyone—telling Alex and Clarity to stay apart, and both of them promised to others, will their smouldering desire be snuffed out before it can blaze into love?

Diamonds of the First Water Series