Out of Smoke and Ashes

#3 Flames of Winter

Bree Wolf

From USA Today bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author BREE WOLF comes an epic love story that spans across an entire series. Pour yourself a nice mug of hot chocolate, toss in some marshmallows and ensure that you have a box of tissues at hand before you dive into the third installment of this slow-burn Regency romance full of enchanting moments between Sarah and Keir, the little wisp and her highlander.

A journey north…

A love put to the test…

And those who would see it fail.

SARAH MORTENSEN, youngest daughter to BARON HARTMORE, no longer cares that she was rendered ruined beyond repair in the eyes of society. Indeed, she no longer begs for her parents’ approval nor apologizes for her mistakes. All she cares about is spiriting her sister and her three young nieces away to safety.

Well… perhaps that is not quite all Sarah cares about. There is, of course, a certain highlander, tall, broad-shouldered and the very reason Sarah struggles to maintain her focus these days. Not only did Keir save her from the figurative tower or put himself in harm’s way for her sake, he also pushes her to meet him eye to eye, to speak openly no matter how crimson she blushes. And Sarah loves him for it.

Oh, her story has all the markings of a fairytale. And yet… Sarah never felt like a princess. What if her story simply does not have a happily-ever-after?

KEIR MACKINNEAR, second son to the CHIEF OF CLAN MACKINNEAR in the Scottish Highlands, never expected to find love in England, of all places and with an English lass, no less. But he did—with Sarah, the woman whose courage and spirit defy the greatest of odds. He knows he cannot lose her, and so he offers her family shelter with his clan in the Highlands. Yet even the best-laid plans sometimes go awry, forcing Keir to see that there are those who stand against them. What is he to do when there is no right decision? When each choice breaks someone’s heart?

Flames of Winter Series