About Us

Two sisters. Two personalities. One big love!

Big Sister:

Bree Wolf, the dreamer, the writer, the creative mind! She has always been a language enthusiast and is rarely found without a book in her hand or her fingers glued to a keyboard.

Little Sister:

Stephanie Thurwachter (maiden name: Wolf), the “Do-er”, the planer, the organizer! Making dreams come true is what she always wanted to do, for herself and for others.

One big love: Books!

Books have always been our main shared interest. For Bree, reading them wasn’t enough, though. She always felt she needed to tell her own stories and started writing in her teenage years. 

Stephanie devoured everything Bree threw her way. 

For some years now, we have been working together closely: writing & publishing! Each of us working to our strengths! Each completing the other! 

This is what WOLF Publishing is: An invitation to join our publishing family!

We want to help authors make their dreams come true! Writing is one side of the story, publishing and marketing are a completely different one. At WOLF Publishing, we combine both sides: Together we are one! 

Our main goal is to share the best stories with readers everywhere, readers just like us! Stories that allow us to dive into a world of dreams, romance, heartfelt emotions, lovable and witty characters, some humor, and some mystery! Because we want it all! Historical Romance at its best!


Historical Romance without borders! 

We plan to specialize in German editions – original or translated!