Once Upon a Devastatingly Sweet Kiss

#4 The Whickertons in Love

Bree Wolf

In this opposites-attract Regency romance by USA Today bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author BREE WOLF, an untamed lady and a proper duke are put to the test when they fall in love against all odds.

An untamed lady.
A proper duke.
And a love that goes against all the rules.

England 1803: LADY HARRIET BEAUMONT, daughter to the Earl of Whickerton, is a free spirit, always has been. She does as she pleases, determined to ignore society’s etiquette and demands, determined to remain unwed. Her heart tends to go out to those who have been mistreated, and over the course of a most eventful and somewhat scandalous life, Harriet — or “Harry”! — has nursed countless animals back to health. 

A rabbit by the name of Sir Lancelot.

A talking parrot called King Arthur… or Biscuit, as he insists.

A toad dubbed Prince Charming.

Most recently, however, a rather unusual creature crossed her path. He walks on two legs and speaks in complete sentences. His name?

The Duke of Clements. 

Or as Harriet renamed him, Sweet Jack.

BRADLEY JACKSON, the DUKE OF CLEMENTS, lives a life of order and predictability… at least until he stumbles across a most unusual woman out in the woods. How she comes to be there —unaccompanied, mind you!— he does not know nor care; all he knows is that he needs to rid himself of her as fast as possible. After all, with one glance, Bradley can tell that this woman spells trouble.
Unfortunately, Lady Harriet is not so easily set aside, her insistence on seeking him out more than simply puzzling to Bradley. 

Instead of assisting his aunt in choosing his future duchess, Bradley suddenly finds his days occupied by a most troublesome hellion. No matter what he does, the lady simply will not stay away… and before long, Bradley is shocked to realize that he no longer wishes she would.

Could she possibly be the one? The woman meant to be his duchess? As shocking as that thought is, the more disturbing one is that Lady Harriet has sworn never to marry. What is a duke to do when he finds his heart stolen by the one woman in all of England who will not have him?

The Whickertons in Love Series

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