A Duke, Love & Sunshine

#1 Seaside Society of Spinsters

Tabetha Waite

An independent woman hoping to fulfill a dream.

A duke who can’t seem to ignore his attraction to the lady. 

Together they uncover their heart’s desire.

With a spirit that knows no bounds, Miss Iona Richards sets her sights on independence and greatness as a landscape architect in Burnham-On-Sea. However, her ambitious dream encounters an unexpected roadblock in the form of the enigmatic Duke of Rosewood.

Thorpe Covington, the Duke of Rosewood, is deeply skeptical of Iona’s abilities, yet undeniably drawn to her spirited nature. As she seeks to transform his cottage retreat, a captivating dance of wit and longing ensues between the two. Soon, the duke’s stoic façade crumbles under Iona’s charm, entwining their hearts in a journey of self-discovery and desire.

In the enchanting realm of Burnham-On-Sea, passion and ambition intertwine, and the Duke of Rosewood finds himself yearning for a love that surpasses society’s expectations. In this heartwarming tale, Miss Iona Richards and the Duke of Rosewood uncover a love more vibrant and beautiful than any masterpiece they could have imagined.

Seaside Society of Spinsters

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3