Baron of Rake Street

#2 Sisterhood of Secrets

Jennifer Monroe

In this Regency romance by Jennifer Monroe, an infamous rake and a penniless woman find themselves entangled in a liaison based on lies… and love.

A woman he overhears at a party boasting of her family’s wealth. 
A woman who can change his life forever if she can believe just one little lie. 

A woman named Miss Emma Hunter…

Lord St. John’s reckless ways at the Rake Street Gaming Hell has driven his estate to near bankruptcy. In desperation, Andrew relies on his one saving grace—charm. With each sweet kiss and tender whisper of love, he convinces naïve, wealthy women to part with both jewelry and coin. Still falling short, Andrew sets his sights on a beautiful young lady who apparently comes with the largest dowry he’s ever known.

The man whose great wealth can purchase her hand.
The man who can save her heart if he believes just one little lie.

A man named Andrew St. John, whose charm she cannot resist.

Miss Emma Hunter never forgot her introduction to the infamous Baron of Rake Street. The kiss he’d demanded left her breathless—and stole her heart. Unfortunately, her father has promised her hand to another, so any notion of love with Andrew is just a dream. But when Lord St. John requests to call on her, he makes her believe dreams can come true.

From seedy gaming hells to abandoned castles, Andrew is running out of time to right the wrongs of his past. Now the problem is not only his near-ruined estate, but the growing feelings he has for Emma. To win her heart, he must tell the truth—a game of chance with the highest stakes he has ever played.

Sisterhood of Secrets