Once Upon an Irritatingly Magical Kiss

#3 The Whickertons in Love

Bree Wolf

In this enemies-to-lovers regency romance by USA Today bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author BREE WOLF, a fierce lady and her far from ordinary husband find that an accidental marriage can have its benefits after all.

A lady on a mission.
A misunderstood rogue.
And a most compromising moment.

England 1803: LADY CHRISTINA BEAUMONT, daughter to the EARL OF WHICKERTON, is on a mission. A mission to protect her best friend, Lady Sarah, from being forced into a marriage that would see her delicate heart broken and her sensibilities shocked. Deep in debt, Lord Hartmore agreed to marry his daughter to a scoundrel. A man who grew up far from London’s high society. A man who does not know how to treat a lady. A man most vile and utterly unsuitable.
A man who cannot be deemed a gentleman.

With one glance, Christina can see that the only reason Mr. Sharpe intends to marry her friend is to gain entrance into London’s high society…and she will raise hell before allowing that to happen. His emerald green eyes and teasing smile cannot fool her, and so, she concocts a plan to protect her friend. Unfortunately, Christina finds herself falling prey to another’s plan before her own can fall into place.

THORNE SHARPE is a self-made man. Growing up with nothing, he earned his first coins in boxing matches. However, knowing that if he ever wanted to make something of himself, he needed to rely on his wits instead of his fists. Saving what little he earned, he began to invest, always keeping his eyes and ears open, determined to get ahead in the world.

A society match promises the necessary influence Thorne needs in order to make a difference, a difference for all those still struggling to survive each and every day. However, while Lady Sarah appears to be a kind and good-hearted – although somewhat fearful – young lady, Thorne finds his gaze linger upon her spirited friend instead, a siren with golden locks and eyes that shoot daggers at him at every occasion.

Still, when opportunity presents itself, Thorne does not hesitate.
He never has.
And he won’t start now.
He knows what he wants, and what he wants is her.

Once Upon an Irritatingly Magical Kiss

Narrator: Lucy Raynor

The Whickertons in Love Series

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