Shield of Fire

#2 Flames of Winter

Bree Wolf

From USA Today bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author BREE WOLF comes an epic love story that spans across an entire series. Ensure that you have a steaming cup of cocoa, perhaps some complementary mint ice-cream and a box of tissues at hand before you dive into the second installment of this slow-burn Regency romance full of enchanting moments between Sarah and Keir, the little wisp and her highlander.

A sister’s desperate call.

A new adventure.

And a love just beginning to bloom.

England 1804: Generally fearful of her own shadow, SARAH MORTENSEN, youngest daughter to BARON HARTMORE, did the unthinkable. After all, running off the night before her wedding, allowing herself to be kidnapped by a dashing Highlander or even spending a fortnight alone with said Highlander hiding out in the woods is considered unthinkable, at least by the ton.
Yet, Sarah did all of the above!
Along the way, though, the innocent, wide-eyed English miss, who never dared put a toe out of line, lost her heart the very moment society proclaimed her ruined beyond repair. Now, Sarah is free of her vile fiancé but also considered…

KEIR MACKINNEAR, second son to the LAIRD OF CLAN MACKINNEAR in the Scottish Highlands, is called back home…to Scotland. After all, he only came to England as a favor to the Dowager Countess of Whickerton, and now that Sarah is safely settled with the Whickerton clan, there is no reason for him to linger, is there?
Yet reason or not, Keir cannot bring himself to bid Sarah farewell just yet, for he feels irresistibly drawn to the shy, wide-eyed lass who blushes every time their eyes meet. And so, when Sarah rides to her sister’s aid, he cannot abandon her. Still, eventually, Keir will have to return home.
Only if he does, he will be leaving his heart behind in England.

This book is part of a series. For your full enjoyment, we recommend starting with book one, FLAMES OF WINTER.

Flames of Winter Series