The Wicked Wallflower

#3 The Duchess Society

Tracy Sumner

In this sizzling Regency romance by award-winning author Tracy Sumner, an unconventional sister to a duke and a rookery scoundrel risk their hearts in order to gain everything they’ve always desired. Each other.

An Incorrigible Hellion

Independent, impulsive Lady Philippa Darlington guarantees her freedom by playing the role of wallflower for two miserable seasons in the ton. With the guidance of the most feared feminist enterprise in London—the Duchess Society—Pippa vows never to marry. But a madcap misadventure throws her plan off course and puts her face-to-face with the only man she’s ever wanted. A man who doesn’t want her.

A Rule-Breaking, Rookery Titan

Prince of the streets, Xander Macauley crawled from the slums to rule an empire. He has secrets—and fierce desires. One being that he’s smitten with his best friend’s little sister. Although reckless Little Darlington is the last woman in England he’d risk his heart over. When he has to rescue her from a masquerade ball gone awry, Xander finds he will go to lengths greater than he’d imagined to possess her.
The risks are undeniable.
But so is true, devastating love.

The Duchess Society Series

Christmas novella