On the Wings of Cinders

#4 Flames of Winter

Bree Wolf

From USA Today bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author BREE WOLF comes an epic love story that spans across an entire series. Ensure that you have a good cup of tea, something to nibble on and perhaps a box of tissues at hand before you dive into the final installment of this slow-burn Regency romance full of enchanting moments between Sarah and Keir, the little wisp and her highlander.

A lass with a heart of gold.

A Highlander sworn to protect her.

And a villain who will stop at nothing.

England 1804: Shy and submissive, SARAH MORTENSEN, youngest daughter to BARON HARTMORE, never had any reason to think of herself as brave and daring; yet over the course of the past few months, she agreed to a feigned kidnapping to escape an arranged match, liberated her sister from a loveless marriage and saved her young nieces from a similar fate. Of course, Sarah’s mother prophesied that no man would ever want a woman ruined in the eyes of society…

… however, her mother was wrong.

KEIR MACKINNEAR, second son to the CHIEF OF CLAN MACKINNEAR, never met a woman like Sarah. Her courage dazzles him, for it does not come easy to her, her trembling hands and blushing face evidence of that. Still, her heart does not allow her to remain quiet when those she loves suffer, and Keir quickly knows that he wants Sarah by his side always, her shy blue eyes a siren’s call whenever they look into his.

Yet the very moment Sarah and Keir are on the brink of happiness, trouble stirs once more, threatening to tear them apart. Still, one thing the past few months have taught them is that as long as they stand together, anything can be done.

And so, once more, the little wisp and her Highlander stand hand in hand to protect those they love…

… at all cost.

Flames of Winter Series